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Cost Savings Through Innovation

We believe in going that "extra mile" for our clients. Amick is consistently researching and testing methods to deliver a higher quality, competitively priced product in Florida's unique environment. Florida's high ground water table is tough on roadbeds, and inexperience can mean unexpected future project costs.

For example, to maximize pavement life and minimize expensive maintenance, Amick has been a leader in the use of mixed-in-place soil-cement as a road base material. The correct mixing and application is an art that results from a combination of high level experience and the right equipment. It's not easy, but we want to control that quality - because we realize the importance of initial and long-term savings to the owner. We attribute our high percentage of repeat business to the fact that we pass these savings along to our clients.

Amick has a proven history of working in a timely, cost-effective manner by perfecting the most basic, yet critical relationship between experienced professionals and technically advanced equipment. Amick invests in only the best and maintains a standard of modern and new equipment to ensure the job gets done with the utmost efficiency and cost savings.

We remain partial to Caterpillar equipment as we have consistently experienced good service life, longevity, excellent up-time and availability. Reliable dealers like Caterpillar earn our loyalty and more importantly, allow us to optimize our resources without the concern of problematic equipment. Again, our focus can remain where it belongs - on satisfying the client by getting the job done.

Over 40 Years of Trusted,

Amick serves a number of local, state and national clients primarily in the Central Florida counties of Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia, Lake, Polk and Brevard. The scope of our operations and relationships allows us to keep abreast of not only the real estate development industry, but important local and state legislation affecting our clients. For more than 40 years, our industry knowledge and performance have led to long-lasting relationships.